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It's really happening: Virtual Haircuts

  • Get personalized, expert help

  • Support a barber/stylist

  • Give yourself a pretty OK haircut

  • Feel better with a fresh do

  • Starting at only $6.95


We recognize it's not ideal, but...

Really, what is ideal these days?  This is the best we can do to keep connected, while helping supplement income for our amazing barbers and stylists during these trying times. 


And starting at only $6.95, something small like a quick haircut is also good for your mental health (and work video conference calls).

Let's do this!

You can keep your hair (and your family's/roommate's) somewhat maintained in this time of quarantine.  We'll guide you in trimming around the ears, around the neck, off the ends, on top, etc.  Personalized, expert help works better than YouTube.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. A phone or computer camera at eye level

  2. Clippers, trimmers with guards (basic beard trimmer can work)

  3. A mirror or two (or just use the screen+mirror, it can work)

  4. Really great lighting - bring in some lamps if you need to

  5. Clean scissors are optional, but could be helpful

  6. A swivel stool if you have one

  7. If possible, have a helper on your video call to do the trimming around the back of the head - we'll make it really easy!

Need clippers or shears?

See our picks for best at-home hair cutting products

Help a barber/stylist... help yourself.

This is a great way to support barbers and stylists that are struggling right now.  We have the best stylists and barbers ready to go.  If you're interested in joining our virtual team, reach out to us!

If you're just not ready for self-serve haircuts, that's ok. We understand. Buy a gift card for regular Dapper & Dash service instead.

A "THANK YOU" to all our heroes

We appreciate all those who are serving us now. First responders, frontline medical professionals and caregivers.  If you are one of these amazing people, please email us - we want to provide services for you free or deeply discounted.  Fill out this form so we can get you set up.

Thank you,

The Dapper & Dash Team

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